Jawosh Global Ltd was registered as a Limited Liability company in 2004 (RC: 509803).

We pride ourselves in the timely delivery of goods and services online and on-site.

We stand for integrity, hard work, and commitment to our clients.

We put our customer's satisfaction first in all our dealings!




Jawosh Global Ltd is a business consulting firm, we carry on the business of trading, marketing, sales, and distribution of general goods be they manufactured or not, commissions agents, manufacturers representatives, general suppliers, contractors, and merchants.


We buy, sell. manufacture and deal in all articles, substances, products, systems, and appliances that will enable us to realize our set objectives and deal with persons/entities having objects similar to that of our company.


We provide training, coaching, mentoring services for businesses to improve the sales and performance of their workforce. We go into agreement with companies, firms, and people for promoting and increasing the sale and purchase of goods, articles, commodities of all and every kind online and on-site. 

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