$1.6MM spent in one minute in 2021. That is a 62% increase over the amount spent in 2020, eCommerce is growing at a very high rate. Your mobile phones with internet access are fast becoming a critical tool for creating digital assets for wealth. Join us at the Accruewealth webinar series to learn more. 

The choices you make every day about your finances determine whether you will climb the ladder of wealth or descend into abject or extreme poverty, to improve your financial habits, get the skills and knowledge at our webinar series. Join the Accruewealth team on Facebook to learn more. 

Accruewealth is an independent educational platform of Jawosh Global Ltd with the vision of raising global digital entrepreneurs by schooling them to become wealthy using digital tools, proven strategies for business success. Join up

The next event is Friday 26th, November 2021 @7:00 PM (WAT)                   


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